DermaTend Ingredients: Are The Ingredients Of Dermatend Safe?

There are a huge number of men and women around us who have suffered from moles, skin tags and warts and they know very well how much suffering and pain these ugly skin blemishes can bring. What to others may seem a small and insignificant issue may create a deep-seated agony in somebody who has suffered continuously because of skin moles or warts.

For such people, DermaTend had earlier given a new hope for getting back the self-esteem they had lost. The enhanced self-confidence that comes with the removal of a skin blemish can be life-changing  for a man who realizes that now there is no longer any need to hide his face from the public gaze. Yes, you can, after treating yourself with a safe and effective skin cream,, flaunt a healthier looking skin that matches with the bright and beautiful dress you are wearing. However, there are important questions that need to be answered before you decide to buy it if you are one of those sufferers.

What are the ingredients of Dermatend ?

According to the official website, researchers from DermaTend’s laboratories have used  natural ingredients to develop a perfect recipe for mole removal. Here are some of the key ingredients that constitute DermaTend:

  • ·         Sanguinaria Canadensis (also known as bloodroot). Bloodroot is a herbal flowering plant popularly known in the United States as tetterwort. In Britain it is referred to as Greater Celandine (Chelidonium majus). Native Americans have several uses for this herb and commercially it can be used to manufacture dental hygiene products and of course as a mole, wart or skin tag remover.

  • ·         Butter of Zinc (better known as zinc chloride). An inorganic salt, it is also used in manufacturing mouthwash and  for treating skin blemishes. It also heals wounds.

  • ·         Vegetable Glycerin is used in making anti-aging products. It comes from vegetable or palm and coconut oil and also used in manufacturing cosmetics and food. It is non-toxic, nourishes the skin and replenishes lost moisture. 

  • ·         Distilled Water

What Is DermaTend?

DermaTend , in other words, is an all- natural and organic topical cream that clears out skin blemishes of all kinds.  Science and in-depth researches in lab have made it possible to come up with a product which is as safe as it is effective. And there are thousands of positive reviews from actual users who are ready to vouch for this product.

What are the key benefits of DermaTend?

·         Greatly enhances  your skin texture
·         Gives a fillip to your self-esteem
·         No need for costly and hazardous  surgical procedures
·         Easy to use
·         Does not leave any scars
·         Does not cause any pain

Does DermaTend Have Side Effects?

The most common negative comments one used to come across about DermaTend was  that it could be slightly itchy and create a burning sensation for a couple of days after treatment. Some people also maintain that the process of healing is rather slow. Of course, results varied depending on the magnitude of the skin blemishes and skin texture.

However, at present Dermatend has been under huge controversies thanks to the FDA ban on this product because of the alleged reports that Dermatend can cause skin cancer, which is why the product has been removed off the shelf recently and the official website has vanished as well!

So, what is the next best alternative? After having gone through a number of products, and weighing their pros and cons , we have come to the conclusion that Nevi-skin is the product you should buy with confidence. For one thing, it is a very safe product and so long there has not been any negative publicity associated with it. For another, it is able to remove moles, warts and skin tags--a all-in-one product that effectively removes all types of skin blemishes.

Try Nevi-skin mole removal cream. You will have a new look and a new life!

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