Dermatend Reviews: Does Dermatend Skin Tag Removal Cream Really Work?

Read This Dermatend Review Before You take a Decision

Do you have a mole or an ugly skin tag on your face? And you are desperate to remove it? If yes, read this Dermatend review carefully. Moles or skin tags often turn out to be real social embarrassments and people who have it know that for sure and their self-confidence takes a dip when someone questions about it. But rest assured there is help at hand.

Dermatend Reviews
Dermatend is a natural skin tag removal cream that claims to get rid of  skin tags--those ugly blemishes on the skin which too often destroy our looks and dent our confidence. But does this little tube really deliver what it promises and that too without surgery? There are hundreds of Dermatend reviews available online, so I tested the cream to see whether it really lives up to its claims and  can deliver what it promises.

And the result I found was not  satisfactory at all. But that discussion has become totally pointless now. For one thing, all Dermatend products have now gone out of the shelf thanks to a present FDA ban on it because it  allegedly contains carcinogenic substances. And needless to say, the Dermatend website has also vanished into the blue!

 So, I had to go for an extensive search once again for a better alternative. And I stumbled on to another mole removal cream--Nevi-skin Cream--a product which is way more powerful than Dermatend because Dermatend only helps to remove skin tags. 

Read this  Nevi-skin reviews and  it will help you understand more about this  new and effective product.

 But Nevi-skin, on the contrary, removes all kinds of moles, warts, planter warts, skin tags ans well as syringoma. Besides, it is an absolutely safe product and till now there has not been any negative publicity associated with it.

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 What does Dermatend  claim?

This product claims to help you get rid of  skin tags and other ugly blemishes from the face or body in ten days or less. According to its official website, this natural skin tag remover “permanently dissolves skin moles and promotes the growth of new, healthy skin tissue.”

Dermatend Reviews
Dermatend is a natural cream that contains Sanguinaria Canadensis, or “bloodroot” which has been used traditionally in many parts of Asia and America. Other ingredients include zinc butter, which has disinfectant properties.

 I ensured first that I read the detailed instructions on the website, and plenty of reviews online before I applied it on my skin! There are also a few videos on YouTube which will give you a fair idea about how it works.

I had a few skin tags on my back and a larger tag on my neck, but I thought I’d try on my back first, which no one can see even if something goes wrong.

First of all, I scratched the skin tags with the emery board provided. This sounds a bit scary, but the formula needs to get into the interior of the mole before it begins to work. I read that some people were even pricking moles with a needle, as they’re desensitized after the rubbing and scratching! But you should never do that.

 Then, I applied the cream with one of the toothpicks provided. Apparently it stings a little at first, but that means that it’s working its way into the skin tag. If it doesn’t sting, it means it is not working properly.

One bit of advice: leave the cream to dry out before putting on the band aid afterwards. This stops the wet cream slipping onto the surrounding healthy skin. Either try that or you can also rub a little emollient round the blemish to protect it before applying Dermatend. Both works. Finally, add the band aid and wait for the  magic to happen.

I repeated it the next day, and on day three, scabs appeared. This hurt quite a bit when I was scrubbing and poking, but slowly it turned out to be  painful, just a little sore and itchy. So, I was really worried about it.

I kept up this routine for a few more days and I was beginning to wonder whether it was just worsening things, as it seemed to be irritating the original area and didn’t seem to be making much of a difference to the skin tag. But on the last day my skin tag was gone, though it left a deep scar on my face. So, the final result is far from satisfactory.

 My verdict about Dermatend: Avoid it and choose Nevi-skin

Nevi skin
The results that I saw from my first skin tag removal was this: Dermatend may be successful in removing skin tags, but it has its downsides. I tried again on a few more and found that the cream was more effective on raised skin tags. But is Dermatend capable of removing moles or warts as it claimed earlier? The answer is certainly "No" because Dermatend website does not claim to do so anymore. It claims that it is only capable of removing skin tags.

 So, I would recommend that you go for a much better and more effective product known as Nevi-skin cream which is a world-class herbal mole removal cream manufactured by Dermal Meds, which has a big reputation in the skin care field.

Besides, you should not forget that even if Dermatend is available on the market after a few days, one should be very cautious about using such a product because of the FDA ban and health issues surrounding it.

Best Place To Buy

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